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A 2021-es milanói M.A.D.S kiállításon készült könyv, melyben Ginerva Fisco, művészeti igazgató, az alábbi szavakkal illette munkásságomat:


The Hungarian artist Tomás has discovered the connection between his soul and art during his school years when for the first time he made his encounter with some tubes of paint and some brushes. In that moment he became aware that he had an innate ability, an impulse driven by a need that still guides him to impress on the canvas what cannot be expressed with words. Making art become his second mother-tongue. 

As a self-taught artist Tomás doesn’t follow any specific artistic movement but he just wants to present his own reality and his emotions through the faces and the sinuous lines of the subjects’ bodies in his paintings. The artwork “Alécia” presented at M.A.D.S Art Gallery for “Romantica – Shape of my Art” exhibition, is a straight reference to the typical features of the figures depicted during the period of the Art Negre. 

It is one of the subjects that has most tormented the artist’s thoughts, leading him to study and paint multiple versions of it. In this piece that comes from his “Blue Era” series, the predominance of the background’s blue colour, chromatically the symbol of serenity and composure, presented in different shades and tones, becomes an integral part also of the subject, conferring to the entire composition a major sense of consistency and harmony. 

The female figure stands still occupying the biggest portion of the canvas, showing her natural beauty. But the real protagonist is her gaze, which can be considered the main and pure spot and source of light of the painting. The aim of Tomás, his obsession, is to discover what is hiding behind those eyes. Alécia becomes in such a symbol, the embodiment of a series of emotions, different for each and every observer, and time after time a new discovery for the artist himself. The mesmerizing gaze of the subject opens up the mystery on Alécia’s identity, and the artist makes it thick, leaving the observer in doubt: “Is Alécia a real person or just a painter’s dream?”.

Art Curator Ginevra Fisco

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Madrid Anthalogy IV, 2022

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