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What a beautiful sunrise reflected in the lake of the dawn! Is it not weird that there is almost no physical relationship between the lake and the sun? They exist separately, independently of each other. I know very little about the man, I’m the water of the lake of the dawn. I paint faces, gestures, moments, feelings. A face, a move, a feeling reflects in me, but the reality is distorted. I’m distorting it. The way I see it.

I don't understand much about painting.

I don’t understand much about painting and art, I did not learn to draw or paint. I am an engineer and economist, a mandatorily rational soldier of an extremely predictable world. Though, there is an insuppressible desire to reflect the abundant feelings, pictures and thoughts that accumulate in my hidden world.

Long ago – back in my school time – I came across some tubes of paint and a brush. Once I noticed, I tamed the first canvas of my life. I felt new, never experienced excitement. It was a wonderful feeling. Since then, the tubes and brushes come and go, but the feeling captured in the art of creating is persistent. It became my second mother tongue that helps me express the words I can’t tell.

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